Oil-Free and Oil Flooded Rotary Screw Air Compressors

5-15 Hp Oil-Flooded Fixed Speed Compressors

Ingersoll Rand extends the reliable R-Series compressor design to the 4-11 kW commercial range as well as offers innovative features and a compact design that fits virtually any light industrial application. This machine is made at Ingersoll Rand’s plant in Campbellsville, KY – where quality manufacturing has a long history of success. Buy local!

– Compact productivity.
– Low sound level of 69 dBA.
– New airend with integrated separation system.

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15-50 Hp Oil-Flooded Fixed Speed Compressors

Boosting your company’s profits was the main goal that Ingersoll-Rand had in mind when designing the revolutionary UP-Series line of integrated rotary screw air solutions. The UP-Series is more than an integrated air system, it’s a complete air solution designed to maximize the key drivers of profitability in today’s business. The UP-Series provides ultimate reliability, shop productivity, flexibility of operation and energy efficiency. Made in Campbellsville, KY. Buy local!

– Maximum uptime.
– Compact footprint design.
– Integrated air dryer design.

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7.5-40 Hp Oil-Flooded Variable Drive Compressors

The 7.5-40 Hp Nirvana is the only compressor that has the ability to grow with your business and be a true partner in productivity. Nirvana incorporates smart package integration and state-of-the-art IntelliDrive technology to provide the right air on demand. Nirvana delivers maximum operating flexibility to meet specific site needs while delivering world class sound levels down to 65 dBA. Made in Campbellsville, KY.

– Innovative IntelliDrive scalability.
– High efficiency induction motor.
– Fully packaged offering with integral air dryer.

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50-200 Hp Oil-Flooded Fixed Speed and Variable Drive Compressors

Ingersoll Rand rotary screw compressors provide superior package features and cost saving benefits. Mix and match variable drive and fixed speed technology with single-stage or two-stage airends to achieve the exact level of performance and economy your operation requires. No matter what the application, Ingersoll Rand rotary screw technology provides maximum reliability in all operating conditions and offers the lowest life cycle cost in return.

– V-Shield Technology delivers a leak-free compressor package.
– Sequential Cooling System alleviates heat exchanger thermal stress.
– Xe Series Controller with high resolution color display and full connectivity.

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250-300 Hp Oil-Flooded Variable Drive Two-Stage Compressors

Nirvana 250-300 Hp rotary screw air compressors offer the very best of proven mechanical design and innovative technology with new, advanced features that ensure the highest levels of reliability, efficiency and productivity available in their class today. At the heart of all our Nirvana compressors is our rugged, duplex tapered roller bearing equipped two-stage airend module, engineered for exceptional reliability. Nirvana features our time proven Hybrid Permanent Magnet Motor design with matching frequency inverter.

– 115 deg.F ambient temperature design.
– High end performance and reliability.
– Energy payback of two-stage variable drive.

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250-500 Hp Oil-Flooded Fixed Speed Two-Stage Compressors

Ingersoll Rand builds this 250-500 Hp oil-flooded two-stage air compressor to handle the challenging demands of heavy industrial plants – while still delivering high end performance. The two-stage design lends itself to low maintenance and long term reliability. It offers a high return on investment because it has the lowest life cycle cost of any fixed speed air compressor.

– Two-stage efficiency.
– Forgiving in dirty, rugged environments.
– Built to run 24/7.

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Oil-Free Rotary Screw Compressors – Fixed Speed & Variable Drive

The Ingersoll Rand Oil-Free Rotary Screw Air Compressor was launched in 1993 and has had nothing but a fast growing presence in the U.S. industrial market. It is a workhorse design consisting of a time proven oil-free compression module that delivers consistent performance. The Nirvana Oil-Free Variable Drive Air Compressor delivers unparalleled energy efficiency throughout its full operating range. Using Hybrid Permanent Magnetic (HPM) Motor technology – there are no motor bearings, pulleys, belts, couplings or motor shaft seals to maintain. And in terms of energy efficiency – the HPM motor outperforms an inverter duty rated motor design.

– ISO 8573-1:2001 Class 0 certification for oil-free air purity.
– Protective UltraCoat on airend rotors and housing.
– Performance that does not diminish over time.

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