Small Reciprocating Compressors

Gas Engine Driven Two-Stage Compressor

For fleet and field service applications, count on two-stage, gas-driven air compressors from Ingersoll Rand. Ideal for remote pneumatic applications, emergency production line needs and other situations where electrical power is scarce, these compressors deliver the air you need, when and where you need it. They’re the top seller in their class, and they’re another reason why Ingersoll Rand is the world leader in air compressor manufacturing.

– 100% continuous duty for the toughest applications.
– Maximum discharge pressure of 175 psi.
– Extended pump life.

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Electric Two-Stage Compressor

Ingersoll Rand’s two-stage reciprocating compressors offer you more choices of compressor sizes and compressor features to suit your needs. If you define unsurpassed performance by maximum operating pressure, increased air flow and extended duty cycles. Take advantage of Ingersoll Rand expertise, product selection, and service and system solutions to help you identify the optimum compressor size, performance features and package options for your applications.

– An industry-leading 5,000-8,000 hour design life.
– Lower operating costs.
– Improved quality.

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Electric Duplex Two-Stage Compressor

Imagine having the peace of mind of having two Ingersoll-Rand compressors in one neat, space-saving package. Ingersoll-Rand’s duplex compressors offer two individual compressor pumps and motors mounted on a single unit providing 100% built-in backup or additional air for those larger capacity jobs. The duplex is also ideal in applications where available power does not allow a single larger compressor.  You can depend on it.

– Durable 100% cast iron construction.
– Two-stage design providing 175 psig operation.
– Twenty-four hour continuous-duty design.

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Electric Non-Lubricated Compressor

T30 Non-Lubricated Air Compressor is one of the many patented products designed and built by Ingersoll Rand over the last 75 years. T30 Single and Two Stage Non-Lubricated Air Compressors provide high quality compressed air where lubricant carryover is less than 0.01ppm that meets the international advanced standards. The T30 Non-lubricated Air Compressors features a unique NL cylinder design and Stainless Steel Valves.

– Heavy cast iron design.
– Efficient cooling system.
– Long term durability.

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Electric Vacuum Pump

Engineered for compactness, economy and dependability – Ingersoll-Rand’s Vacuum pumps are the number one choice for demanding applications, providing top operating efficiency combined with low maintenance. And best of all, these vacuum pumps are backed by Ingersoll-Rand, the world’s leader in air compressor and pump manufacturing.  Ingersoll-Rand’s Vacuum pumps feature Cast Iron Construction, Cylinders, Piston Rings, Valves, Connection Rods and Low Oil Level Protection.

– 100% cast iron.
– Single-Stage design.
– Auto stop and start operation.

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Electric High Pressure

Ingersoll-Rand’s Type 30 range of reciprocating compressors has been outperforming the competition for 70 years. Our high pressure version is no different. These air-cooled, multi-stage, splash lubricated air compressors are designed for applications requiring high-pressure air from 300 PSIG to 5000 PSIG.

– Cast iron construction.
– Automatic condensate system.
– Air-cooled aftercooler.

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