Controls Automation & Pressure/Flow Control

IntelliFlow Pressure/Flow Controller

The Ingersoll Rand IntelliFlow controller is a device that effectively utilizes upstream storage in a compressed air system to reduce online horsepower, lower the air line pressure on the demand side, reduce artificial demand and provide a system balance that improves the overall efficiency in a pneumatic process.  The end result is energy savings and higher productivity.

-High volume low pressure drop design.
– Electronic PID control of valve position.
– 3-valve bypass.

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System Controllers X4i, X8i, X12i

System control, applied correctly, in multi-compressor installations can dramatically decrease energy use by ensuring that only the compressors that are needed are operated while maintaining system pressure in a single, tight control band. The X4i offers basic lead/lag control functionality for up to four (4) air compressors within Ingersoll Rand’s small compressor product group.  For more sophisticated control schemes – the X8i and X12i offer a full range of features to efficiently manage and control multiple compressors in separate room locations.

– Single point pressure control.
– Reduces energy costs & eliminates waste.
– Anti-cycling control.

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Air System Controller

The Air System Controller (ASC) is a system automation product developed specifically for complex compressed air systems and the integration of virtually all equipment and instrumentation found in air systems throughout a broad range of industries. The ASC controls individual air compressors and auxiliary equipment, manages data acquisition, communicates all operating parameters and provides overall system optimization.

– Graphical interface.
– System equipment and instrumentation integration.
– Real time based sequence and schedule programming.

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