Air Treatment Products

Compressed Air Filters

Ingersoll Rand covers the entire range of air filtration needs – from small general purpose filters on up to the large oil removing Non-Lube Modules (Mist Eliminators).  Filter elements are designed for heavy loading and low pressure drop to extend service life.

– Delivers instrument quality air.
– Low pressure drop.
– Reduced energy cost.

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Refrigerated Air Dryers

Ingersoll Rand’s flagship refrigerated air dryer is the Nirvana Cycling Air Dryer.  It’s made at IR’s ISO-9001 certified air dryer facility in West Chester, PA.  Nothing outperforms the Nirvana Cycling Air Dryer.  It consistently delivers dry air.

– Cycling heatsink design.
– Reduces energy cost.
– Eliminates hot gas bypass.

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Desiccant Air Dryers

Ingersoll Rand desiccant dryers are well designed with the user in mind.  Switching valves are accessible.  The controller is easy to navigate.  Lower profile design reduces overall height for ease of placement.
Desiccant bed sizing is conservative to control air velocity and assure dew point performance.  Take your choice of heatless, external heat regenerative and blower purge regenerative dryers.  We have the right dryer for any given application.  Quality and reliability that meets industrial expectations.

– High performance switching valves.
– Digital controller.
– NEMA 4 electrical enclosure.

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