Compressed Air Filters

Complete Filter Line

Ingersoll Rand’s advanced F-Series compressed air filters reduce contamination in your air stream to help protect your critical processes and valuable equipment. Our filters are rigorously tested and engineered with superior components to provide years of reliable performance and consistently high-quality air. F-Series filters are engineered to be a complete filtration solution, incorporating features that address air quality, energy efficiency and ease of maintenance.

– Patented dual indicator.
– All-aluminum, precision die cast body.
– Patented smooth bore low insert.

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Mist Eliminator

Ingersoll Rand’s NL Module coalescing filters provide true oil-free compressed air with minimal pressure drop of 0.5 psid for long-term cost savings. Superior air quality is achieved by effectively removing damaging oil and water aerosols before they flow through air system piping, process equipment and pneumatic valves and tools. Ingersoll Rand’s NL Module have an extended life of 10 -15 years and are virtually maintenance-free.

– High-efficiency particulate filtration to 0.5 ppm.
– Effective oil removal.
– Low energy costs.

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