Desiccant Air Dryers

Heatless, Heated, Blower Purge Regenerative

All three technologies – heatless, heated and heated blower – use twin desiccant towers and strategically positioned valves for the process of drying compressed air. Each Ingersoll Rand model incorporates high-strength desiccant and durable, easily maintained valves for unsurpassed reliability, performance and customer value. Whether using a heatless, heated or heated blower dryer, the compressed air produced is thoroughly dried as it is directed through the on-line desiccant-filled tower of the dryer.

– Increased energy efficiency.
– Optional energy management system.
– Easy to replace stainless steel desiccant screen.

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Small Heatless Regenerative

Ingersoll Rand’s innovative modular air dryers make it easier and more affordable than ever to deliver high-quality compressed air for instrumentation, process equipment, or production lines – virtually wherever it is needed. Our dryers feature standard ISO Class 2 dew point performance, with optional ISO Class 1 to meet the most stringent requirements. Our dryers promote environmental safety with enhanced noise suppression.

– Minimize contaminants, corrosion, energy use.
– Reduce costs by treating only the air you need.
– Delivers quiet performance on the spot.

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Ingersoll Rand heat of compression (HOC) dryers provide energy efficiency, flexibility and reliability. Ingersoll Rand HOC dryers provide instrument quality air at operating costs well below those of typical desiccant dryer designs. The Ingersoll Rand family of HOC dryers offers reliable performance and easy to use, intuitive controls/ Ingersoll Rand HOC dryers deliver consistently clean, dry air for critical processes.

– Particulate after-filter delivers clean air to processes.
– Air-cooled or water-cooled applications.
– Reliable high quality air.

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Heat-of-Compression (High Volume)

Heat-of-compression (HOC) dryers are dual-tower, desiccant designs. The HOC dryer is the most energy-efficient dryer available. It recovers the heat that is a natural by-product of the compression process. This “free” heat is utilized in the air drying process to provide moisture-free air, while consuming virtually no energy. Ingersoll Rand heat-of-compression dryers, the H-Series and HC-Series are the world’s simplest, and most reliable, regenerative dryers.

– Consumes no valuable compressed air.
– Equipped with a microprocessor-based control system.
– Achieves year-round dew points below 40°F (-40°C).

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