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How an Automotive Parts Plant Improved Productivity and Reduced Maintenance Costs with a New Process Cooling System

New Process Cooling System Improves Productivity and Reduces Maintenance Cost

Site: Automotive Parts Plant – Indiana
System: Evaporative Cooling Towers, Evaporative Fluid Coolers, Portable Chillers, and High Volume of City Water Cooling


A fast-growing automotive parts manufacturer in Indiana experienced production-related problems due to deficiencies in their un-centralized approach to supplying cooling water to multiple processes. City water usage was very costly and problematic due to water harness. Calcium deposits were forming on heat exchanger surfaces and molds (injection molding), which led to increased downtime and high maintenance costs. Cooling tower loads were out of balance due to improper pumping and piping design. Production equipment was not operating at design point due to insufficient cooling water flow and temperatures.

Air Systems addressed all of these shortcomings and proposed a centralized cooling system consisting of new central chillers, new cooling towers, new pump skids, new heat exchanger skids, a water softener, a chemical feed package, and a PLC system supervisor. Cooling water users were divided between process water and chilled water. Tower water contact cooling on production equipment was eliminated altogether.

This $2 million capital project had a payback of two years based on increased production uptime, reduced city water consumption, and lower maintenance costs. It was also an important factor in achieving ISO 14001 certification.

Steve Mock - VP of Sales
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Stephen Mock, VP of Sales

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