Case Study

Variable Drive Air Compressor Generates $40,000 Annual Energy Savings

Site: Consumer Products Manufacturing Plant – Kentucky Plant Air Supply
System: 250 and 300 Horsepower Fixed Speed Single-Stage Air Compressors


A consumer products manufacturing plant in Kentucky recently needed to replace a 300 Hp fixed-speed single-stage air compressor that was in need of expensive repair work. A compressed air audit identified the opportunity to optimize to a new 250 Hp two-stage variable drive air compressor. A two-stage airend design delivers more CFM per horsepower than a single-stage airend.

In this case, the capacity of the new 250 Hp two-stage variable drive air compressor (operating at 110 PSIG) was nearly equal to the capacity of the 300 Hp fixed-speed single-stage air compressor.

This optimized selection combined with the inherent part-load efficiency advantage of variable drive produced an annual energy savings of $40,000 and justified the cost of the new air compressor.

Steve Mock - VP of Sales
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Stephen Mock, VP of Sales

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